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Alex Moeller saved over $250,000 on travel and now is able to fly exclusively on first class.

Credit Class has helped me obtain the best credit cards that allow me to accumulate points that I can redeem for first class flights. Additionally, with just one trick, I can now stay in hotels for up to 80% off worldwide!" 

Roman scaled his automated Amazon store to $100,000 per month by using our strategy to leverage business credit and get a credit line that could sustain his growth.

"I needed to use credit to fully scale my automated Amazon store without having to put up any of my own money. With Credit Class I was able to get over $100,000 in business credit lines and that I could use grow a huge passive revenue stream.

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Learn to use systems that the rich use to live a life of freedom by leveraging the banks money to build income and travel in luxury.

Credit Class gives you access to 38 life changing videos that will teach you these strategies!


Go From Trapped To Free and From Stuck To Successful With your credit.  

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student, or someone that works a 9-5 - this is the solution you’ve been searching for to crack the code on building income and traveling the world for little to no money

Let’s get real. Lacking a strategy on not only how to increase your credit score but how to LEVERAGE your credit score is going to cost you thousands of dollars and limit you from experiencing true financial freedom and seeing the world 

So let me ask you - Do you feel frustrated when you see people making more money than you or traveling to new exotic destinations and asking yourself “how are they able to do that? What don’t I know that they do?” Do you want to be one of the many who start or scale a business while showing off their amazing lifestyle on social media? Do you want to be seen as an authority figure but have NO IDEA where to start or not enough time to learn?

I can totally relate to you, and I know exactly how you feel. Which is why I put together this simple Credit Class Program that will walk you through everything you need to know 

Trust me, it’s ALL possible with the right strategies and knowledge. More likely than not, the people who you see making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year are leveraging their GOOD CREDIT to receive epic credit card perks which helps them generate more income and 10X their rewards points. All enabling luxury world travel, not costing you much at all! 

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Now I’m able to travel the world while making 6-figures passively by leveraging my good credit!

Building my credit with the strategies taught in Credit Class to leverage it in ways to make money and legit travel for free has been pivotal for me! I learned how to increase my credit score by 200 points so I could get the most epic cards which allows me to borrow money at 0% to scale my business and generate hundreds of thousand of rewards points for free! They really taught us the skills needed to achieve this and now I'm out here living it.


Who Is It For?

This program is for anyone who wants to build their credit so they can leverage it to build income and travel the world for free or cheap, all while connecting with like-minded individuals in the Credit Class community


When does it start? 

You start as soon as you enroll and will have immediate access to our online curriculum and private community. And you can rest assured you’ll never feel alone in your journey, as you have immediate lifetime access to the program, when you enroll.


What does it include? 

The program includes private access to 30 videos that guide you through every step of your journey to build good credit and leverage it to make money and travel the world for free or cheap. You will also get private access to the CC Facebook page, Telegram, and IG highlights for updates on new info!

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I was able to scale and improve cash flow in my business with my new business credit cards 

I was even able to waive my $550 annual fee, receive $2,100 in hotel and flight redemption, and network with like-minded business owners through the Facebook page and Telegram chat. It's been great!

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