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Nates store did almost $40K in the first month!

"This is only one of my stores and the results have been incredible. Excited to scale to $100K a month!"

Andrew is in his 3rd month with us and just reached his $100K milestone.

"I'm excited to start collecting $10K a month in passive income while I scale my other businesses."



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Frequently Asked Questions

We know this is an important investment that it could change your life and naturally you should have some questions. We've covered the questions we receive most often about Amazon in this video!

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Amazon 5 Key Features:


You are essentially buying into a digital Amazon franchise and becoming a silent partner on a 6 figure per month Amazon business that you own 100% of while they do 100% of the work.

Our team of Ecommerce experts have done millions in sales on, and you get direct access to our proven system where we build out a store for you, find products to sell on your store, process and fulfill all of the orders and handle all of the customer service to make you a fully passive income every month selling basic items like coffee makers, kitchen utensils, workout equipment, and groceries on

We use the Dropshipping business model where we list items for sale on your Amazon store first and then ONLY buy inventory from our suppliers after we make sales on your store. This
means that there's no risk of buying inventory upfront and hoping it sells and also that you never see or touch the items you’re selling because the suppliers do all the shipping for you.

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Who Is It For?

This is for anyone who wants to create a reliable fully passive revenue stream and has the initial capital / necessary credit lines to fund the store. This is great for people that would love to invest some of the earnings from their job, interested in a side hustle but don't have much time, and people who want to make more money each year.

What do I need to start? 

You need $35k (start up cost) and a $30,000 revolving business credit line (for inventory) to begin. After that you just need to set up a LLC, Amazon account, and supplier accounts. That's it! The rest is completely taken care of. The start fee will depend on if you would like to start with a new store built from the ground up or start with an age store, which you can scale much quicker.

What does it include? 

This includes assistance setting up all related accounts plus complete strategy, operations, logistic, and fulfillment. The money from sales will be deposited directly from Amazon into your bank account each month!

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Recent Client Results

"My store did $108,000 since July 25th"

After 4 months with us Mike has fully paid off his initial investment and is now making $10,000+ in profit per month!

"It's the best thing ever"

My store has scaled to over 100K a month by month 3! I love passive income !









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